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Dreams Come True.

Updated: May 9, 2022

travel nova scotia romantic getaways nova scotia the marmalade motel

Last weekend I got to live out a personal and professional dream. I got to help the most amazing couple say 'I Do' right outside my back door - literally. I wouldn't trade that day for any meetings-all-day-suit-and-heels-wearing-crying-because-I'm-so-stressed-day for a million bucks! All I could think as I watched the beautiful bride walk down the aisle was "this is what living your best life feels like".

Back in March, before we were even open the bride emailed me to ask if we'd consider hosting her wedding. I think I outright yelled YES. YES. YES. at the computer when I got her email. We worked together to create a relaxed, outdoor wedding space. From flowing fabrics, lots of greenery, white flowers, candles in mason jars to an elegant Boho table setting and a late night 's'mores bar, the entire day was magical.

I've always joked that the reason we opened a motel was to have a venue for events - especially weddings. And now, thanks to this pandemic, micro-weddings are a popular trend. And we have the perfect space for small, intimate wedding ceremonies and receptions. So if anyone reading this is looking for the perfect backdrop to a perfect day - call me! (Seriously, call me).

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day. The bride and groom were GORGEOUS! Their son, so stinkin' handsome in his little suit and bowtie. They even managed to get a cell signal on our wharf to FaceTime out of town family members. Somewhat of a feat given our rural cell and internet connections.

We created a beautiful aisle using tree stumps topped with baby's breath and candles in mason jars, tied with twine. We draped white silky fabric from the wharf rafters to create an alter space and hung gauzy curtains all around the wharf for an almost tropical feel. Dinner, catered by our friends at Sober Island Oyster Farm was delicious. (Of course we got to sample some of the meal....So. So. Good.). We set up a beautiful white tent on our deck, overlooking the ocean and wharf and dinner was served and enjoyed as the sun set. As it got darker, we lit a fire in our fire pit to keep the night chill off and the party-goers enjoyed making a variety of s'mores with different chocolates and cookies. After a good night's sleep at the motel, they gathered for a light continental breakfast on the deck.

travel nova scotia romantic getaways nova scotia the marmalade motel

I've never had so much fun planning, decorating and welcoming a group of people before. It really was the best way to celebrate everything we've done since we moved here and opened. I'll share more pictures on our Instagram page soon.

But seriously...if you're looking for a venue for a wedding or party - call me!

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