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Destination: The Eastern Shore.

Are you getting that summertime travel itch?  Consider escaping to the Eastern Shore for the ultimate getaway. With its breathtaking views and rugged coastline, it's no wonder that this region of Nova Scotia has been recognized as one of the best places for stargazing in all of Canada by “The Travel” magazine.

With so many different activities, the Eastern Shore is perfect for kayaking, hiking, cold plunging, fireside chats and so much more.  Combine that with a relaxing stay at the Marmalade Motel and you’ve got yourself the perfect only-90-minutes-from-the-city getaway. To make the most of your road trip, we’ve curated a list of the BEST places to stop along the way. We double-dog dare you to stop at them all! 

  1. Martinique Desserterie in Musquodoboit Harbour - From donuts and cupcakes to gluten free cakes, the delicious Martinique Desserterie is the perfect place to stop and satisfy your sweet tooth. 

  2. Lupin Dining - This hidden treasure is the ultimate dining experience on the Eastern Shore. A fresh take on the farm to table concept and set in a charming rural setting, you’ll enjoy one delicious course after another. Can’t make it for dinner? Stop by and check out their gorgeous garden and fully stocked pantry. 

  3. Norse Cove Camping & Kayaking - Book a sea-kayaking adventure tour with the experts at Norse Cove or camp directly in front of the 100 Wild Islands.. Experience the 100 Wild Islands like never before - from the water. One of the most picturesque places along the shore, you’ll fall in love with the Eastern Shore all over again. 

  4. Taylor Head Provincial Park in Spry Bay - Although the gate is closed until the May long weekend, this is the perfect place to park and hike out to one of the most beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia.

  5. Sober Island Brewing Taproom in Sheet Harbour - Your only stop for locally crafted beer, including their signature Oyster Stout or one of their latest small batches. In the spring/summer months this is a great place to enjoy live outdoor music in their beer garden.

  6. The Henley House Pub and Restaurant - Right next door to Sober Island is The Henley House Pub and Restaurant. A perfect place for lunch or dinner. We highly recommend taking in the ocean view from their patio. They are set to re-open for the season in May. 

  7. The Marmalade Cafe & Coffee Bar in Sheet Harbour - This is the go-to place in Sheet Harbour to get your specialty drinks and finely crafted breakfast and lunch items. Everything is fresh - no deep fryers here! 

After a day of exploring, eating and driving along the shore, grab your favourite beverage and relax in our cozy hot tub while marveling at the vast expanse of twinkling stars above. Then settle into your uniquely designed, super-comfy rooms and let all your worries slip away.  

The Eastern Shore offers an escape like no other place can, providing captivating views and an opportunity to reconnect with nature any time of year.  

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