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A Love Story on the Atlantic

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Photo Credit: @zachgoldsmithphoto

It all started in July of 2021. We received a phone call from the lovely Lara looking to book a stay for her and her partner, Paul. A few questions about the area, an exchange about how we ended up in Nova Scotia from Ontario and voila! she was booked in for August.

A few days later, I received a second call from Paul. A secret call as it of many to follow. Paul wanted to plan the perfect wedding proposal while they were here and could we help? Every romantic bone in my body (and there are quite a few) vibrated with excitement. Over the next few weeks Paul shared Lara's favourite things - Gerber daisies, the water, sunsets and one special love song. We exchanged emails, i planned and plotted and he did the best job at keeping it all a secret.

Before we knew it, the day arrived. Our very first wedding proposal. And what better backdrop than our lovely wharf? Lined with candles, flowers, lights and the biggest "Marry Me?" sign we could build. It was a magical evening filled with so much love. While our favourite local musician Luke Levy played their special love song, Paul escorted his soon to be fiancé to the end of the wharf where he dropped to one knee, professed his love and asked her to marry him.

SHE SAID YES! She cried, he cried...I cried. It was lovely.

Almost exactly one year later this beautiful couple returned to the marmalade with a truckload of decorations and a stunning wedding dress, to say I Do. On a magical sunny Port Dufferin afternoon, Lara and Paul tied the knot in the same place they chose to love one another for ever. And our little motel by the sea turned into the backdrop of a real life love story. We can't EVEN.

The day was perfect: A small guest list of their closest friends and family, heartfelt vows, a delicious catered dinner by our friends at Asado Wood Fired Grill and so much love. There were so many special moments throughout the two days this group celebrated. But my favourite was watching Lara walk down the aisle. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't help but shed tears of joy.

If there's a moment in life that captures love between two people in its purest form, it's the seconds right before those two people exchange vows. There's a quiet that falls over everyone and yet somehow the loudest sound of the earth moving between the couple.

We are so grateful that Lara and Paul chose to start this chapter of their love story with us. And we can't wait to hear about all the wonderful adventures they will embark on together. Our hearts melt every time we think about this couple and we hope they'll come back to celebrate anniversaries with us for decades to come.

Lara and Paul: Congratulations on your wedding and we wish you more love and happiness than words will allow us to express.

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